Friday, June 21, 2013

Potential for Rare California Rain

Most of California is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with extremely dry summers.  Even northern California is typically dry.  Here is the average precipitation (inches) for June, July, and August at selected cities in the northern part of the state (courtesy Western Region Climate Center).

Eureka: .68, .15, .32
Redding: .79, .10, .15
San Francisco: .13, .02, .04
Sacramento: .18, .03, .06

So, summer rain is rare, especially as one approaches July.

The latest forecasts, however, suggest that northern California might be getting some over the next few days with a storm coming in for Sunday through at least Tuesday.  The GFS in particular calls for >1.5 inches along much of the California coast north of San Francisco and mountain accumulations of several inches.

Bigfoot will be surprised!

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