Monday, June 3, 2013

Looking for Photos

I'm looking for photos for a mountain weather book that I am working on.  It's embarrassing to admit that I don't have anything of these in my own library, but I don't.

  1. Iconic photo of deep snowpack at Mt. Baker during world record 1998/99 season
  2. Close-up photo of a graupel particle
  3. Photo or series of photos showing a cloud undergoing glaciation
  4. Photo of extreme rime on lift towers, buildings, trees, etc. 
  5. Photo of interlodge sign at Alta
  6. Photo of Alta buried immediately following the end of interlodge
  7. Photo of the untracked or lightly tracked sidecountry north of Snowbasin from the resort - something that shows the "lure" of powder.  
If you have anything that might work, send it to me in an e-mail: and we'll see if it will do the job.  This is a low budget project, so I can promise fame but not fortune!

1 comment:

  1. Jim, try contacting Bruce Tremper (1-888-999-4019). He and the UAC have a complete library of snow photos. I know the UAC has some of the photos you requested