Saturday, June 29, 2013

History Strikes Twice

For the second day in a row, we have hit a maximum temperature of 105ºF at Salt Lake City airport.  Never before observed in June, we've now done it twice.

Source: NWS
It is becoming increasingly apparent that this has the potential to be a historic heat wave.  Arguably, with two 105s in June, we are already there, but the GFS continues to keep a very high amplitude ridge over us through the next week.  Below is the forecast for next Saturday afternoon.

The 700-mb temperature in that forecast is 20.5ºC, which would be an all-time record.  It's too soon to say that will verify, but I mention it to indicate that the triple digits could be around for a while.  We have to hope that a short-wave trough somehow clips us or that we get some airmass thunderstorms going to avoid 100.

Thus, head to the hills or, if that is not possible, stare at the photo below and think cool thoughts.


  1. I bet your bummed you're missing this historic event in person!

  2. The low temperature at the airport last night was 80F, which breaks the daily record by 5F, the June record by 2F, and ties the all-time record. Pretty impressive.

    1. Make that 79F...cooled quickly just after 11PM last night. Not the all-time record, but still a June record.

    2. Haha, or it could be 77F, since it appears they go 1AM to 1AM this time of year.