Saturday, June 22, 2013

Heaven then Hell

By any measure today is simply heavenly.  What a treat to have such weather in late June.

The University of Utah from the "Living Room"
Unfortunately, the forecast suggest that Hell will be paying us a visit with a massive upper-level ridge progged to develop over the western US late next week.  It's still a ways out, but it has that heat wave look.

Between now and then, the $64,000 question is can we get some precip out of the short-wave trough that glances by Monday night and Tuesday.  It appears to be our only hope for rain at the airport this month.  My money is on a rainless June.


  1. Not looking good. The approach of our fairly distinct climatological precip minimum (from about June 25 - July 10) does not give me too much hope for rain in the next few weeks either.

  2. Hey, I did the Living Room today too! Beautiful day for it.

  3. I go for 0.05 which will technically make it not rainless but nothing to cure any rainfall deflects.