Friday, June 14, 2013

Breath Deep

We have reached that time of year when you have to take a few moments to appreciate any cool airmass that pushes into the state.  With a forecast high of only 77ºF at the Salt Lake City Airport, sip and enjoy every breath.  If you can get out for a hike or ride, do it.  The models hint that we might get another cool down later next week, but July is coming and the dog days of summer will be here soon enough.

The hot weather the past several weeks has helped us catch up on where we stand thusfar this year relative to the average climate for the 20th century.  Recall that the statewide annually averaged temperature for Utah has not been below the 20th century average since 1993, and that last year was the hottest in the instrumented record.

Utah's statewide average temperature departure from
the 20th century average.  Source: NCDC
I frequently comment that it is unlikely that we will ever again see a year with a statewide average temperature below the 20th century average, but I was getting pretty nervous in March when we were running cold.  Well, we've made up quite a bit of ground in recent weeks.  We're still 1.5ºF below average for the January–May period, but that's close enough that it can be made up in the coming months.

Source: NCDC
Time will tell where we end up, but I think it's likely than not we will come out in the red again.

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