Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oddities from the Big Split

Yesterday we discussed the anomalous split flow pattern that is dominating the weather of North America.  The pattern is producing some weird weather, as illustrated by the maximum temperature analysis for yesterday.

In particular, note how upside down the temperatures are in the west.  Maximum temperatures in the Pacific Northwest reached 87ºF in Seattle and 91ºF at The Dalles along the Columbia River.  Compare these to the 87ºF and 85ºF in Phoenix and Tucson, respectively.  Climatologically, the average Maximum temperature is 66ºF in Seattle and 73.5ºF at The Dalles, compared with 93.7ºF in Phoenix and 90.5ºF in Tucson.

If you look up into western Canada, you can find a few sites in the high 80s and even a 92ºF at what appears to be Lytton, BC, which is located at 751 ft MSL in the Fraser River Valley.

Similarly, the things are topsy turvy in the east.  Maximum temperatures in northern New England and southern Quebec at or above 80ºF, including an 86ºF at one location that exceeds the highest maximum temperature reported (on the map above) in Florida.

Yup, this is wacky.  Climate is what you expect.  Weather is what you get.

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