Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Flowers, May (Snow) Showers

Our May Day tulips are already starting to drop their petals
Whoever said April showers bring May flowers didn't live in Salt Lake.  The tulips and daffodils come in April, and the showers (sometimes snow) linger into May.

On this May Day we had an interesting snowband develop over the southern Great Salt Lake and then push southward through the Salt Lake Valley.  In contrast to lake-effect bands, which typically maintain some "connection" to the lake, this one appears to be migrating through the area.  

Given the migration, it appears that this band may have been associated with a transient disturbance in the flow.  Perhaps local heat and moisture fluxes over the lake gave it a bit more juice to play with.  In any event, the snowband provided a thin coat of snow in some areas, such as the mouths of the Cottonwoods.

Speaking of snow, the snowdepth at Alta-Collins just dropped below 100 inches.  It was a gallant effort to hang on for so long given the limited snowfall this winter.

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