Friday, February 15, 2013

Perfect Weather for Skiing

Presidents weekend will begin with a 10+ day tomorrow in the mountains as a high amplitude ridge builds over northern Utah.  By tomorrow afternoon, 700-mb temperatures (near crest level) are up near -2ºC.

With the sun higher in the sky, it's going to feel quite warm, but the snow should hold up well at upper-elevations on the north side of the compass.  For those of you looking for a bluebird resort day, you really can't do much better, and you should take full advantage as the weather will be changing on Sunday.

I conclude today with a big congratulations to Ted Ligety who won his 3rd gold in the 2013 Alpine World Championship today.  It's the first time an individual has won 3 golds at an Alpine World Championship since Jean Claude Killy won 4 in the 1968 Olympics (which at the time also served as the world championship).

Source: US Ski Team
I attended the 2001 Alpine World Championships in St. Anton.  I recall riding a chairlift with an Austrian ski instructor on the morning of the super-G and he asked us who the big American was.  We said "Daron Rahlves," to which he responded, "never heard of him."  A couple hours later we stood in the finish line area and watched Daron win the gold.  What an experience.

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