Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Crazy Warm, Except in Valleys

I can't help but share this crazy stuff tonight.  The inversion has strengthened further as temperatures have climbed aloft with the ridge moving eastward.  Check out the sounding from 0000 UTC (5 PM MST) this afternoon.  There's a 17ºC temperature inversion.

Source: NCAR/RAL
The depth of the cold pool seems to be getting shallower.  Perhaps this explains the modest increase of visibility on the east bench this afternoon.

Notice that the temperatures in the sounding are pushing 5ºC at 700 mb.  It's running near 40ºF on Mt. Baldy (11,000 ft) and we hit 52ºF at our Alta-Atwater observing site on the south facing aspects across from Alta this afternoon.

The Alta-Atwater site might be overcooking, but it is safe to say that it is very warm in the mountains, as it will be tomorrow too.

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