Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Leftovers!

Not much has changed.  The pre-thanksgiving forecast was a turkey, and so is the post-thanksgiving forecast.

The GFS still calls for the storm track to remain to our north.  Here's the accumulated precipitation for the 192-hour period ending at 0600 UTC 4 December.  Depressing.  We get just a couple of weak brush-by systems.

The European Center forecast is a bit more optimistic as it sags the jet a bit further south.  Thus, it's a bit wetter, with a system coming through Friday and Saturday.  Let's hope so.  We could use the snow.  A dietary change is desperately needed.


  1. Will we even get any snow this winter???

  2. Soon, there will only be the wish bone left.

  3. This seems to me like a pretty common November scenario. Due to jet stream patterns the Pacific Northwest and northern CA are favored areas for early season precipitation, although much of this is fairly warm. Utah frequently seems to have more consistent storm action later in the season when storm events are colder, and tend to track further south. This warm sector stuff may also add to the base, wouldn't be too worried just yet.