Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Forecast Is a Turkey

Source: http://davidlansing.com
The prospects for a deep-powder day for the holiday weekend are not zero, but are fairly low.  The latest computer model forecasts keep the action largely to our north.  The total accumulated precipitation forecast by the GFS between 1200 UTC this morning and 2100 UTC Sunday afternoon shows heavy precipitation over the northwest, and dry conditions over the southwest.  The Wasatch sit just to the south of the goods.

Two weak systems graze northern Utah during this period, one Wednesday night, the other late Saturday and Sunday.  We'll have to hope these storms are more productive than currently forecast if we're to get a good freshening up during the holiday weekend.  Yes, it's a turkey of a forecast, but there is something to be thankful for.  The snowpack SWE at Snowbird is 140% of average.  At upper-elevations in the central Wasatch, we will have an above average snowpack for this time of year.  

Source: NOAA/NWS

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  1. It's not looking so pretty here in Colorado.