Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great Radar Loop and Big Accumulations

Non-banded lake-effect events don't get much better than this one.  What a beautiful radar loop below.

Can it hang on?  Let's hope so.  Looks like heavy precipitation now from Little Cottonwood through the Bountiful area mountains.  It appears that Alta-Collins is getting creamed with very high snowfall rates.  The automated total snow depth is squirrelly, but if you ignore the false 240 numbers, it looks like they got 10" since 4 am.  The interval board was wiped twice during this period.  Looks like 10" through yesterday afternoon, then 13" through 9 am this morning, then another 3" as of 10 am.  Yes!

My impression is that this is one of the better lake-effect events we have had in some time, and it ain't over yet.

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