Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Approaching Jersey Shore

Sea level pressure at Atlantic City is now below 960 mb and still dropping like a rock (see middle frame below) as the low center approaches.  Note the dramatic warming (blue trace, middle frame) which is indicative of the system's warm core.  Water levels are now on the increase with high tide approaching.

Source: NDBC
The influence of the storm surge is clearly evident in at The Battery.  It appears we will exceed the peak water levels that were obtained this morning and unfortunately see a peak near or above the record of 10.5 feet.

Source: NDBC
La Guardia airport is now reporting wind gusts to 60 miles per hour, with sustained winds of over 45 miles per hour.

I wonder how hard it is blowing on the top of skyscrapers and near the top of the Freedom Tower.  There is very strong vertical wind shear over the area, with the flow aloft much stronger than that observed at the surface.

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    122 MPH wind gusts on top of Mount Washington in NH and that's a lot farther from the eye than NYC.