Thursday, September 13, 2012

What an Airmass!

Addendum @ 1150 AM:

It's a few hours after writing about the unbelievable airmass in place over northern Utah and it appears that smoke has moved in yet again!  Will it ever end?  Try and enjoy anyway....


The weather doesn't get much better than yesterday and today.  Yesterday at the U we saw a maximum temperature of 73ºF, with an overnight minimum of 57ºF.  Dewpoints are in the teens to low 20s.

The morning temperature at the Salt Lake Airport appears to have dipped to 50ºF.  The last day we saw a temperature that low was June 11th, three months ago.  Open up the windows and feel the chill!

It appears that the incredible weather will be with us for quite a while.  Nearly all the models keep the jet to our north and east and a ridge over the western United States for at least the next week, as illustrated by the 144 hour ensemble mean 500-mb height forecast by the GEFS, which is valid for 0000 UTC Sep 19.

It will be a bit warmer than it was the past couple of days, but the weather should nevertheless be great.  The bottom line is that we have waited all summer for weather like this.  Get out and enjoy.

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