Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Won't Quit

It has been a remarkable August.  Check out the daily temperatures at the Salt Lake City International Airport.  There has been only two days with a minimum temperature below average (Aug 3 and 4, when the minimum temperatures were 65ºF and 64ºF, respectively, compared to an average of 66ºF).

There has also been only one day with a maximum temperature below average (91ºF on Aug 11, compared to an average of 92ºF).  Add in only 0.01 inches of rain, and you have one hot dusty month.

Thusfar, the minimum temperature for today is 71ºF, but there is cloud cover and some isolated sprinkles.    The clouds and showers are associated with a weak monsoon surge, which has brought moisture into northern Utah from the lower Colorado River Basin.

During August, the monsoon has largely been a bust for northern Utah.  Monsoon surges have been fairly weak and not very productive.  This is another one that falls into that category.  Showers and thunderstorms will be around, but it will take some good luck for one to bring a cooling deluge to your area.  Let's hope it happens.

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