Thursday, August 2, 2012

Drier Air

It's a desperate time here at the Wasatch Weather Weenies.  There's not much to talk about except waxing and waning of the monsoon system.  Even that hasn't been too exciting up here in Salt Lake, although it has been interesting to the south.

Drier air is moving into northern Utah this morning, as can be seen in the loop below and the precipitable water meteogram from the Salt Lake City International Airport.

1200 UTC 31 Jul – 1200 UTC 2 Aug WV imagery and
GFS precipitable water (contours) and 700-mb wind vectors
Precipitable Water currently sits at a bit less than 2 cm and should drop further today as drier air moves in from the west and northwest.  This should yield a break in thunderstorm activity for northern Utah through Saturday.  Some action will remain, however, to the south.  I'd call this a monsoon break, except we never really got much action in the Salt Lake Valley with the last surge. 

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