Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hot Summer Nights

On Wednesday we set a record for the highest minimum temperature observed on 11 July at the Salt Lake International Airport.  The mercury only dipped to 77ºF, the highest minimum temperature observed thusfar this year.

Source: NWS
The 103ºF we hit yesterday afternoon tied the record for the date, giving us the highest daily mean temperature thusfar this year as well.

I haven't seen the official minimum for last night yet, but it appears based on 5-minute observations that it was 75ºF or higher.

Thus, I declare these the Dog Days of Summer.  At issue is whether or not the monsoon surge that should push into Utah tomorrow will give us some relief.

It should be another hot one today with a slight chance of a thunderstorm, followed by another warm night tonight, but showers and thunderstorms should be more widespread tomorrow, as well as Saturday.  I'm hoping for a Shawshank Redemption moment at some point the next couple of days.

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