Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring Harvest

Sunday could be one of the better days of the year for corn skiing in those areas where sufficient snow remains.  Leave the combine harvester in the field and instead do your reaping with a pair of skis.

I like the corn potential for this Sunday for a few reasons.  We haven't had any fresh snow since May 1st, and even then, only a few inches fell in the upper elevations.  That snow should be well consolidated by now. Second, a cold front moves through the area late Friday and Saturday.

There's a chance the cold front could lay down an inch or two of snow, mainly from the Cottonwoods north, which would screw up my corn forecast, but otherwise it will drop the temperatures and lead to a good hard freeze Saturday night. Then, Sunday looks beautiful, with morning free atmosphere temperatures at crest level around -4ºC.

Thus, being patient while the snow softens and then working the aspects should yield dividends.  The fly in the ointment here could be snowfall with the cold front.  Pray for no snow?  Heresy, but it could be the key to good turns this weekend.  

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