Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Pow?

Memorial Day Weekend 2011
Last year we had perhaps as close as you can get to great powder skiing over a Memorial Day weekend.  There was a massive base, and Mother Nature brought the goods.

We don't have a great base this year, but snow does linger in the upper elevations, and I think there's a chance there might be some freshies to be had.  A deep trough is presently developing along the Pacific Coast, as illustrated in this morning's 1200 UTC (0600 MDT) 500 mb analysis.

And, the air out there is cold.  The 700-mb temperature in the heart of the trough is about -8ºC.

The GFS drags the trough through northern Utah over the next couple of days, bringing a period of cool, unsettled weather.

The airmass warms a bit before it gets here, but it is still cold enough to bring some wet, high-density snow to the higher elevations of the Wasatch Mountains Saturday night and Sunday.  How much is tough to say given the unsettled nature of the pattern and the fact that we are right on the edge of the moisture, but those in need of a fix should keep an eye to the sky and see what Mother Nature brings by Sunday.

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