Thursday, April 12, 2012

Southeast Utah Weather and Climate

Sorry to abandon everyone the past few days.  The kids are off school and we've been on a camping trip in southern Utah.  There was plenty going on weather and climate wise.  First, there was Lake Powell, where we found the pool elevation is down a bit compared to the last time they were running the Bullfrog Ferry.

Based on this chart from the Bureau of Reclamation, that appears to be fairly typical for this time of year as the runoff is just about to begin.  Presently, Lake Powell is down about 25 feet compared to the high stand last year.

While Lake Powell is a man-made wonder, one doesn't have to wander far to find natural wonders created by meteorology, hydrology, and geology.

But the meteorological high point was yesterday when south winds transported sand and dust through much of souteast Utah.

After suffering through a similar windstorm while camping near Escalante a few years ago (sadly, that tent did not survive), we opted to spend the night in a hotel in Green River and enjoy a burger at Ray's Tavern.  Besides Green River is lovely on a day like this...

Eventually, the atmosphere was full of dust and the Book Cliffs to the north were fully obscured.

Fortunately, we are back in Salt Lake and I see snow is flying in the Wasatch.  Looks like about 15 inches thusfar on the Alta-Collins stake.  Perhaps we'll wrap up the vacation with some freshies tomorrow.  

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