Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Gift from the Gods

As my son put it, you could feel the bottom, but it was fun anyway.  Yesterday's storm combined with today's bluebird conditions was like a gift from the Gods and a much needed salve on the wounds from a poor ski season.

Even the porcupines were out celebrating.  This guy has been hanging out around the Supreme Chair at Alta the past few weeks and is fairly friendly, although at least one unfortunate soul got quilled today.  I prefer to keep my distance.  

An epic Easter is on tap for tomorrow as it should be a beautiful, warm day with a high temperature at KSLC near 70F.  

Don't put away the powder boards yet, however, as the models call for the spring roller coaster to continue this week, with an upper-level trough moving around mid week.  

We'll have to see how things pan out, but I'm intrigued enough that I dropped off my new Dynafit Manaslus this afternoon to get mounted up.  


  1. New BC skies?! Based on this last year I think we will have a couple of "winter class" spring storms. If I remember 1976-77 May was huge.

  2. Yes, given my advancing age, I'm trying to shed a pound or two. Let's hope your forecast verifies.

  3. Nice choice, those are my go-to ski these days. They're insanely light, and they ski very well. I think you'll love them. (although, sometimes I wish they were just a bit fatter...)