Wednesday, April 4, 2012

25 Day Icon Based Forecasts

Back in October, we discussed some of the problems with long-range forecasts in "Ten-Day Icon-Based Forecasts Are Bogus."

Incredibly, I learned today that Accuweather is now issuing a 25-day forecast that is perhaps not purely icon based, but close to it.  

I'm figured this was an April fools joke, which it isn't.  For more info, see Jason Samenow's post at the Capital Weather Gang.  


  1. For fun I'm going to mark their forecast for April 28th each day for SLC and see how large a spread their 25 days yield. Ideally I want to see their next day forecasts entered into wxchallenge.

  2. I find the whole idea completely laughable. Unfortunately, there will be some uneducated users that actually heed these forecasts. Then, when they inevitably realize how completely useless the ultra-extended forecast is, the entire meteorological community will get blamed. Thanks for nothing, AccuWeather. How very irresponsible! Money is driving this product, not science.

  3. Woe to the makers of this! I can hear it now... 'Coming up, Bob with his 47-day forecast...' -Grant W

  4. Did not take long at all for them to guarantee at least one busted forecast.
    Accuweather's forecasts for April 28th (Salt Lake City)
    April 4th (forecast for day 25): 69/46/partial sunshine
    April 5th (forecast for day 24): 69/46/partial sunshine
    April 6th (forecast for day 23): 55/39/rain/.59inches