Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Here at the Wasatch Weather Weenies, our posts typically concentrate on the science of mountain weather and forecasting.  Although we often discuss the forecast, education and outreach is our primary mission and objective.  

Looking for resort-specific forecasts for the Wasatch Mountains?  You might consider checking out UtahSkiWeather.com, a web site run by Atmospheric Sciences students at the University of Utah that provides forecasts for every resort in Utah as well as the Wasatch backcountry.  Have a look, but be sure to come back to the Wasatch Weather Weenies for the geeky stuff.  

And, for you University of Utah snow geeks out there, Ned Bair of UC-Santa Barbara will be giving a seminar tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3 PM in 110 INSCC entitled "A Field Study on Failure of Storm Snow Slab Avalanches."  The seminar specifically examines the mechanisms of avalanches in new snow that has net yet undergone metamorphosis into faceted or rounded grains.  

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