Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Dust Is Here

Thusfar, the central Wasatch have escaped the wrath of the dust, but that's not the case in the western Salt Lake Valley and southern Oquirrh Mountains, as evident in the image above, which was taken facing south from the Avenues.  Note the obscuration in the right half of the image.

One of the most prominent plumes thusfar today is to our west, appears to originate in the Skull Valley (near the diamond I've annotated), and blows off downstream over the Great Salt Lake.

There's a chance this is smoke and not dust, but I can't imagine anyone would be burning anything today with so much lead time for the high winds.  The UDOT cameras also suggest it is dust.

Thusfar, we've had a wind gusts over 50 miles per hour at several stations in the lowlands of northern Utah, with a maximum of 62 miles per hour out in Dugway Proving Grounds.  I think we'll see higher gusts over the next few hours as the storm intensifies.

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