Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maybe This Is The Week

Today was one of those days when the sun shines right through you and touches your soul.  From a weather perspective, it was a 10.

Then, I came hope, took a look at the computer models, and my mood lifted even further.  We haven't had much action at all this year with regards to winter storms, but the GFS is bringing not one but two troughs through Utah this week.

The first comes in late tomorrow through Tuesday.  It has a somewhat southern track, but unlike many of the troughs we've seen this year, lifts northeastward after crossing southern California and should give us some snow.  I've learned not to be picky this year.

Trough #2 slides in during the 2nd half of the work week.  It's too soon to speculate about amounts, but the models suggest that between the two troughs we may push the Alta-Collins stake over the 100" barrier (it presently sits at 84").

Time to channel those positive thoughts.  Strike the word split from your vocabulary this week.  The sun is getting high in the sky and we need some deep powder days pronto.

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