Friday, November 18, 2011

Here We Go

The Doppler on Wheels (DOW) should be getting setup as I type this.  Everything thusfar is proceeding according to plan.  The shallow surface front has pushed through the Salt Lake Valley, but the heaviest precipitation remains to the north where the front is deeper.  Things are, however, beginning to fill in and I suspect things will start to get exciting by perhaps 7-8 PM.

I am attaching a guestimated terrain-clutter map from our last observing period.  This one is oriented so that west is up, east is down, and our the red line, which indicates the position of one of our vertical radar slices (i.e., RHI) cuts directly up Little Cottonwood Canyon and as close as we can get to over the snow-crystal imager and vertically pointing radar that Tim Garrett and Sandy Yuter have installed at Alta.  The purple line approximates the canyon floor.

We'll be scanning this area extensively to examine the mountain effects during the storm.  Keep your fingers crossed Mother Nature brings the goods.

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