Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another All Nighter?

I have this dream in which we have the Doppler on Wheels, but all the precipitation falls during the day and early evening and we're able to sleep at night.  I don't think that will be the case tomorrow.

But, we should be thankful that we do have a storm on tap.  The latest forecast from the North American Mesoscale (NAM) model calls for a front to develop and intensify over northern Utah tomorrow.  By late tomorrow, the forecast front is sitting pretty much over the Wasatch Front, but precipitation is still confined to the northern Wasatch.

The NAM calls for the frontal precipitation to fill in nicely tomorrow evening, with the front sitting right over the Salt Lake Valley at 11 pm.

The flow gradually veers to northwesterly as the front moves downstream, with precipitation continuing overnight over the Wasatch Range.

Thus, it looks like an all-nighter is in store for the Doppler on Wheels, but also that there will be some freshies for skiers on Saturday morning.

For our Doppler on Wheels operations, we'll have some difficult decisions to make.  First, do we want to sample the stuff to the north early in the day tomorrow?  There is also a chance of lake-effect late tomorrow night.  Do we want to take a chance on that or concentrate on the mountain-induced precipitation in the Wasatch Mountains.

University of Utah students are welcome to join us at 1:30 in 711 WBB as we attempt to hash out these issues and lay initial plans for Friday and Friday night.

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