Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sierra Nevada and Intermountain Cold Fronts

Our paper examining the influence of the Sierra Nevada on Intermountain cold fronts has finally appeared in Monthly Weather Review.

Techy types interested in this subject can download the article here.  Congrats to Greg West on this outstanding work, which sprouted from his doctoral dissertation.

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  1. Having had some involvement in a weather-related project on the windward side of the Sierra in the Fresno, CA area (essentially the highest segment of the Sierra) I had a chance to observe several frontal passages in that area. My observations were that terrain blocking and diversion of the cooler, post-frontal air mass there is usually even greater than the forecast models indicate. It is probably a resolution limitation, as the models seem to bring this cooler air up into the mountains a little too quickly. This may explain the greater pre-frontal warm anomaly and slower frontal timing in western Nevada compared to model output.