Friday, October 7, 2011


I have finally returned to Salt Lake after a remarkable drive from Jackson Hole via Starr Valley and Logan Canyon.  The combination of fall colors and fresh snow made for a spectacular trip.  Pity I didn't stop for pictures.

The Alta-Collins snowdepth sits at about 15".  I'm sure some people are tempting fate and making turns.  I see a few apparent muddy tracks in the Albion web cam.

I'm inclined to describe this as ski purgatory.  Enough snow to tease, not enough to ski.  But, my standards have increased with old age.

Looks like we have about another 18 hours of winter before fall begins to return.  Winds aloft veer from westerly to northerly overnight, with the potential for some orographic and/or lake-effect precipitation overnight.

1800 UTC 7 Oct NAM Model Time-Height Section
Forecast for KSLC
I don't expect this to be a huge event for the Cottonwoods.  If the lake gets going, the flow is shifting quickly enough that they won't be in the firehose for long, but a couple of inches are possible.

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