Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Live and Learn

This morning's DOW deployment at the mouth of Weber Canyon was both windy and cold.

Photo Credit: John McMillen
We learned that the radar is not very useful at this short range and that the boundary layer was perhaps too clean for good clear air returns.  As I like to say, an expert is someone who makes all the mistakes, so this was a good experience.

We're running out the door shortly to see if we can get some data on these snow/rain showers that are moving across the Wasatch range from the north-northeast.

Yes, from the north-northeast.  We're on the back side of a deep trough and that's where the flow aloft is coming from and we're seeing some weak convection pop up in the cold air.

This won't be a case to write home about, but we'll get more experience using the polarimetric capabilities of the radar in complex terrain.

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