Friday, September 16, 2011

The Holy War

Today is going to be a very interesting weather day, but with the Holy War tomorrow, I can't help but take a few cheap shots at that so-called university down the road.

Now I have a number of friends and colleagues at BYU, and they have even had my back scientifically.  But, for the next 48-hours, we will simply refer to those at BYU as down south scum.

Being that this is a weather and snow blog, and that the Holy War inevitably involves debate about which school is superior, I now announce the official Wasach Weather Weenies Top-10 reasons why the University of Utah is better than BYU:

10. We have the Great Salt Lake effect, they have the Utah Lake effect
9. We chase hurricanes, they chase honor-code violators
8. We have Alta-Snowbird, they have Sundance
7. The Cottonwoods get blower-pow in northwesterly flow, Timpanogos gets nothing
6. The Utah ski team has 10 NCAA championships and 63 individual national champions,  BYU races division II.
5. We ski on Sundays, they go to church.
4. We have, they have, well, nothing anywhere near as cool as
3. We are one of the best colleges for skiers and snowboarders, they are the most stone-cold sober school
2. We have Mountain Meteorology by Prof. Dave Whiteman, they have the Book of Mormon
1. Our faculty ski deep powder and grace the cover of major scientific journals


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