Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Iconic Weather Resiliency Photo

With Hurricane Irene approaching the eastern seaboard today, the CNN blog has a report on their top-five natural weather disaster stories, with some remarkable videos and photos.

The photo below is incredibly remarkable as it encapsulates very well how weather resiliency (or lack thereof), affects the loss of life and property during weather disasters.

Source: CNN/Ray Asgar
When I first saw the photo, I figured it was photoshopped, but the accompanying discussion says that the owners, Warren and Pam Adams, lost their home during Hurricane Rita in 2005 and, when they rebuilt, they put the home on stilts 14 feet above the ground.  When the area was clobbered by Hurricane Ike in 2008, their home was the only one that survived the storm surge and winds.

Another perspective is provided by this ABC news report.

The decisions we have made in the past, and that make today, ultimately affect our vulnerability to natural disasters.

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