Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thar She Goes!!!

It is quite remarkable just how much snow has melted in the Wasatch over the past week.  After nearly 8 months of incredible skiing, the snowpack is finally looking and skiing "tired', especially on south facing aspects.

Grizzly Gulch, 9000 ft elevation, 26 June
Over the past three days, the Snowbird SNOTEL has lost almost 9 inches of SWE and is now down to just over 30 inches (its May peak was 75).  Thus, about half the snow at this site is gone.

Similarly, the Collins snow stake has dropped from 193 inches to 123".  Can we make July or perhaps the 4th with 100"?  I think the former is possible, but the latter is going to be close.

Roaring torrents of water are cascading down every canyon.  Little Cottonwood Creek is a "white ribbon of hell" pulverizing everything in sight.

Standing next to the creek, the ground literally shakes.  For a bit more perspective, click here for a video.     She can't take much more of this captain!

Despite the melt and increasingly tired snow, there's still good coverage above 8500 feet on aspects on the north side of the compass, for those of you who simply must make turns.

Devils Castle, Sugarloaf Peak, East Greeley, and Greeley Bowl
26 June 2011.  
And despite my view that the snow is tired, my son still thinks the skiing is great.  I couldn't help but share this photo of him cresting out today above Wolverine Cirque.  Great job kid!

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