Saturday, June 18, 2011

Snirty snow

I went for a tour today in White Pine and Gad Valley and was quite disappointed to see just how "snirty" the snow has become in the past week.  All of the dust and impurities from the past winter are slowly but surely collecting on the snowpack.

The "snirty" snowpack was quite evident while looking at
the White Ribbon of Cruising where Snowbird groomed
Regulator Johnson
The snowpack is especially gross at mid elevations,
such as here in Gad Valley
If you know a good wax for this, give me a call
Snirt means part SNow part dIRT.  Because dirty snow absorbs more solar radiation than clean snow, it results in a faster snowmelt.  We'll talk about this more in a future post.  Right now I need to get these stinky socks off and take a nap.

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